PREM Outreach

Thousands of minority students teachers, faculty and general public have participated in PREM education and outreach activities including workshops, open houses, research experiences for HS students, visits to schools and communities, and exhibits. These photos of show some of these events. For more photos please visit our facebook page.

NanoDays 2015 (School Andrés Soto Quiñones, Yabucoa)

Python programming workshop (Petra Mercado High School, Mar. 2, 2016) at UPR-Humacao

Nano 101 Open House (School Género Cautiño, Guayama, Oct. 8, 2015) at UPR-Humacao

Nano exhibition (Vieques)

Nano Exhibition, Casa Roig Museum

NanoDays 2015 (School Rosa Costa Valdivieso, Yabucoa)

NanoDays 2015 (School Manuel Ortiz, Yabucoa)

Experiment with PREM 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PREM?

The Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) is an alliance between the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and the University of Pennsylvania (PENN), sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), for the research and education in Science of Materials.

Who works with us?

High School (HS) and undergraduate students along with faculty from the Departments of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry from UPR-Humacao, UPR-Cayey and UPR-Bayamón.

Who collaborate with us?

Our research integrates scientists from multidisciplinary groups in UPR and PENN. This collaborations include a Research Program for students and faculty during the summer at PENN, Annual Meetings and Symposiums, visits, seminars and virtual conferences. Our students have the opportunity to present their research at conferences and publish in scientific journals.

What is our research about?

Our research will help to contribute to the advancement of Science in Materials, the development of new and better electronic devices for health, environment and domestic and industrial applications.

What is "Experimenta con PREM" (Experiment with PREM)?

Experiment with PREM offers to HS students (10 th and 11 th grades) the opportunity of learn about Materials Science and Research in Nanotechnology. We offer talks, workshops and laboratory experiments in which students will learn techniques and use advanced instruments for research in materials.

How can we contact PREM?

· Email:
· Phone: 787-850-0000 ext 9027
· Fax: 787-850-9381

Videoconferences and Visits

The UPRH-PENN PREM has transformed the research and education environment at UPR in a way that is best described as a quantum leap. PREM has contributed both a long-range vision and a day-to-day development of infrastructure for research and education at UPRH. PREM outreach activities for K-12 students helped to attract some of the top students enrolled in STEM programs at UPRH. The Materials Research Shared Facilities enterprise, established and managed by PREM, has helped increase research productivity at UPRH and beyond the PREM group. Finally, the PREM program is widely recognized at UPR for its introduction of new and innovative methods of organization and education, many of which have been adopted by other UPR programs and departments.

Experimenta con PREM

Experiment with PREM and the theme selected NANO-Science & Technology aims to provide talented young people in the area of science and math to know what Materials Science and Nanotechnology Research. We also want to demonstrate how science and mathematics are closely linked to the development of this area of research.

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The MRSEC continue to provide seminars and lectures by PENN faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and staff members to UPR undergraduates. The live videoconferences complemented the lectures by UPR faculty and visiting scientists. The research and education partners will also use for group meetings.

This material is based upon work supported by the NSF under Grant NO. DMR-1523463.